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Thrive Vegan World

Feb 4, 2021

Marking the podcast's anniversary with a subject that was my, and my guest's, entry into the Animal Rights movement. 

Mel Broughton has been at the heart of campaigning for the abolition of animal testing for 4 decades. This dedication has not come without a price. Mel has served time both in prison and on license,...

Jan 24, 2021


How a wealth of investigative journalism, human rights and environmental activism informed Pamela's animal rights activism.

The complex entanglements of oppression and neoliberalism, and the struggle for huge systemic change.

The importance of language in challenging the dominant speciesist...

Jan 7, 2021


Jennifer’s vegan ‘awakening’ and a calling to advocate for our fellow animals.

Art as activism to deliver a strong animal rights & vegan message.

How humour in our advocacy can help us reach non vegans, and be a life saving stress release.

The trauma of our exposure to graphic footage, and whether this...